There will be no escaping Bakugan

They’re on my floor, stuck on my lamps, and taking over my kitchen counter. My son has more Bakugan brawlers than I can count, and still he knows all of their names, stats, and special powers.

This is, by the way, the same kid who can’t remember to put on pants, sometimes. They don’t call it selective memory for nothing.

And so my life runneth over with Bakugan, but it looks like things are about to get even more Bakuganful (totally a word)—now we can stay tuned for the official Bakugan movie:

Universal and Stuber Prods. are hoping to capitalize on the latest toy craze among boys, entering into a deal with toy company Spin Master to bring “Bakugan Battle Brawlers” to the big screen.


“Bakugan” airs six days a week on Cartoon as one of its top shows.

No writers are on board, but the studio jumped at the chance to be in business with a toy that has a growing worldwide fan base. It also sparked to the concept and story line, which it believes will translate well into an all-ages action-adventure movie.

Soooo… will it be animated? Live-action? And most importantly… how long do you suppose I can hide this information from my son…?

You will likely be assimilated, and resistance is futile; so you may as well visit the Bakugan Store here at Ty’s for all of your Bakugan needs.

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5 thoughts on “There will be no escaping Bakugan

  1. My four-year-old son came home from preschool talking about Bakugan. I only heard that word for the first time from you the other week, and I fear what path he might be leading us down. You make it sound so fun!

  2. Bakugan is a great game! First, it’s NOT a TV show. Second, it actually teaches both social skills and math skills. Third, it doesn’t really take much to play.

  3. I am addicted to this show, and have just started collecting the Bakugan Trading Card Game.

    Another obsession, Oh Well! Have fun in life is what I always say.

  4. I love this game and show! I like it a lot because my dad can actually figure out how to play it. He could never figure out other games like yugioh!

    I have 78 now! :)

    Even my little 3 and half year old brother plays with us. He loves it too.

  5. My nephew is very into it. He’s in 3rd grade.

    The designs are pretty amazing. I love the concept of how you actually use strategy to deploy your cards (which have metal that attracts a magnet which opens the ball).

    It’s as good as any game to teach kids to think strategically. The starter packs can be tough to find, though…the local stores keep running out of stock.