Farewell to Bloo… forever?

I have to confess that I haven’t been watching Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends lately. My kids have been favoring other shows, and if I’m going to fight them for TV time, it’s really not Foster’s I’m going to insist upon. (I have to at least pretend to be an adult, you know.)

But my understanding has always been that the show has been enjoying high ratings and rave reviews. As well it should; I consider Foster’s to definitely be amongst my top five favorite cartoons ever.

So imagine my surprise when I started clicking around online after a nice long weekend, only to discover that, apparently, the show will be wrapping up in February:

The last 5 episodes will air in 2009, and the last episode is titled, “Goodbye to Bloo.”

I went poking around on Toon Zone for more information, and found this forum thread, but not much else. I can’t believe the show is going to be over. It sort of feels like losing Teen Titans all over again.

I’m going to need cookies to get through this one.

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2 thoughts on “Farewell to Bloo… forever?

  1. I know! I too was looking for anything, but there’s nothing. I still can’t believe that it is going off tellevision for good…