They can all tell you how to get to Sesame Street

If you’re not getting enough Sesame Street on your local PBS station—and really, maybe you even are, but you’re on the move and needing your kids’ favorite furry pals to be able to be wherever you are—good news! This month Sesame Street went mobile in a big, big way: It was announced that you can now access Sesame Street on iTunes, YouTube, and Hulu. It’s no small landmark for a 39-year-old show to get so connected, and no doubt parents everywhere are relieved to be able to load Elmo up on their laptops and iPods.

Complete episodes of the show on iTunes cost $1.99 apiece, with 70% of the revenue going directly back to Sesame Workshop.

Meanwhile, Hulu and YouTube offer clips organized by special guest star or segment theme.

It’s a whole new way to get to Sesame Street!

Don’t forget to visit the Sesame Street Store here at Ty’s Toy Box for all of your other Sesame Street needs!

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