Disney does it again with Bolt

Bolt to our list of must-see movies. In fact, I even wrote about it. And with anticipation running high about seeing it this weekend, I was relieved to see that it’s apparently living up to the hype.

That’s right: Bolt is currently hovering around 90% Fresh on the Tomatometer. Phew! Too often I’ve told the kids that sure, we’ll go see such-and-such movie when it comes out… and then as it nears, I check the reviews and discover that it’s an utter flop. And then I have to come up with an explanation for the kids as to why we’ve decided not to go. Ugh.

In preparation for hitting the theater this weekend, I went looking for another Bolt trailer, and found this:

Hee. Hey, Hamsters can be High School Musical fans, too!

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