Greg Page back on stage (without The Wiggles)

We all know that Ty’s Toy Box president Ty Simpson is a huge fan of The Wiggles (allow me to refresh your memory, if necessary!), so it was no surprise to me when Ty was the one to forward this article along. It seems that former yellow Wiggle Greg Page was on stage last week:

HE MAY be missing Dorothy the Dinosaur and battling illness but not all is doom and gloom for Greg Page, the original yellow Wiggle.

Two years after quitting the popular children’s entertainment group due to illness, Page, 36, said he could see some upside in no longer being a touring artist doing hundreds of shows a year.

“I don’t miss travelling on buses overnight, or living out of suitcases,” he said. “But I miss doing the shows and going to places like New York.”

Page was in Melbourne yesterday, and back on stage for the first time since leaving the group, to perform MC duties at the City of Melbourne’s Christmas tree-lighting ceremony.

“This is really the first showbusiness thing I’ve done in two years,” he said. “It is a step, and if it goes well for me physically then I think it will be a big step towards getting back to doing things in the public eye.”

The article goes on to say that Page rates Sam Moran, his successor, as “10 out of 10.” I guess that makes it unlikely that a yellow shirt showdown—maybe a wrestling match of some kind—might be forthcoming…?

C’mon. Admit it. That would be kind of awesome. “Which yellow shirt shall triumph and earn the right to call himself a Wiggle?”

Oh, fine. They’ll probably just shake hands and stuff. But my idea is totally better.

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13 thoughts on “Greg Page back on stage (without The Wiggles)

  1. I kept looking at the yellow wiggle today and finally decided that I wasn’t going crazy and he was a different guy. I did a search and your blog came up! Thanks for the info and the update. I’m so glad I’m not going loopy!!!

  2. Greg, you are truly missed. The Wiggles still very entertaining to my children, it is not the same. Good luck to you and your family during your recovery. We hope to see you on teh stage when the Wiggles come to Washington, D.C. or Baltimore, MD. Thanks to you all, my boys love to sing and dance. It is great.

  3. I am a 51 year old grandmother and the kids are gone for the day. I am actually looking up all kinds of information about you, your health and the Wiggles Group. I buy all wiggles DVD’S and I play the Utube station even when the kids aren’t here. I am just glad to hear that you might be doing well enough to try and enjoy what you like doing. I hope that all goes well for you. My grandsons love the music from the Wiggles and they both aren’t afraid to dance. It really teaches the kids lots of stuff. Take care of yourself. We miss you in the Wiggles

  4. We love and miss Greg so much. Thank goodness for all the movies he did. He’s always on my TV; if for nothing but to listen to him sing. Okay, we tend to get up every now and then and dance around. AND yes, Mommy has a HUGE crush on Greg. Wow! He’s handsome!!!!

  5. My 2 yr old adopted daughter with delays loves The Wiggles and we only have one with Sam. Greg is on the majority of the DVD’s and Joanna loves him. She actually interacts with the shows and tries to follow The Wiggles when they dance.
    She is improving and advancing due to The Wiggles and she is trying to yell “Wake Up Jeff”!
    We will be at the August show in Hershey Pa 2009 and she will be thrilled to see them. We will miss you Greg!

  6. I have a little guy named Christan who has down syndrome and was diagnosed with Leukemia in December 2008. We were in the hospital for 5 months straight and often in isolation. We bought all the Wiggles dvds featuring Greg that we could get a hold of. He absolutely LOVES Greg’s voice and presence. All who know Christian fully believe it was The Wiggles’ music that got him through his difficult 5 month journey! All the hospital staff knew us as The Wiggle room…every waking moment!
    Christian may not talk (other than “gu” for the Wiggles) or walk (just about 6 steps) but he has mastered every Wiggle dance move and story sequence!
    Thanks to Greg Page, his pure voice and his lovely humble way about him! Best of luck to Greg in health and happiness. As he is sadly missed every new wiggle show, but he will always be joyfully known as our one and only yellow Wiggle.

  7. Christina,

    What a beautiful story! It is only the latest of many similar stories that offer thanks to the wonderful Greg Page for everything he has done for the children of the world. I am very happy that Greg’s magical voice and presence gave comfort and strength to your son. I wish your dear child only health and happiness in the years to come. Greg continues to receive many cards and letters, and I am sure it would mean so much to him to hear your story. If you would like to write him, here is the address:

    Greg Page
    C/O The Wiggles Office
    P.O Box 7873
    Baulkham Hills BC NSW 2153

  8. my son LOVES the wiggles…he’s 2 and is already starting to learn the words to the songs.
    We just brought a DVD with Sam instead of Greg and he seems less interested…Greg made the wiggles in my opinion.

    We will miss Greg…it would be awesome to see him return as the Yellow Wiggle one day :)

  9. Jeffery has loved the Wiggles since he was 6 months. We went to a concert in Toronto and that was the epiphany for him. He has been entranced with them ever since. Our favourite yellow Wiggle has always been Greg. He had the right magic for the Wiggles. He gave the music that rock n’ role edge with Elvis overtones…that was awesome! When Jeffery watches the Wiggles on TV, he watches every minute when Greg is on, but not so much with Sam. The Wiggles have too much of a nursery rhyme sound now. My husband misses Greg too, we all do. I am sure Sam is a wonderful happy person, but in our humble opinion The Wiggles aren’t the same without Greg. WE MISS YOU GREG! Best wishes to your health and your family.

  10. Greg, your voice is the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard. My granddaughter Gracie (2 yrs) asks for Wiggles, Wiggles and more Wiggles. God Bless you and we pray for a full recovery. At bedtime when Gracie says her prayers you are the first one she lifts up. If you ever come to America, check out the Emerald Coast of Florida…..we would love to have you visit.
    Patty, Ayla and Gracie

  11. Greg, WE MISS YOU!!!! PLEASE come back soon…. Sam is screwing everything up.


  12. It is great to see Greg is doing well. My son loves the Wiggles and Sam is wonderful, but something about Greg and the talent, passion, and inspiration he brought to the group go without words. My son always asks for his videos with “Greg on it.” When the concert came to the Los Angeles area, Sam was the yellow wiggle. He has loved the concerts so much, but always asks me and my husband if we could please take him to a concert with Greg. Take care and Fight On!

  13. My daughter’s case is a little different than the average toddler fans. She is 19 and has down syndrome. She has been a Wiggle fan all her life. She was especially a Greg fan. Unfortunately we never got to see Greg in concerts because she had great fears of big crowded areas. The only way we could get her to enter a building was to say “Greg Wiggle is inside looking for you.” Immediately she would head into the building. Luckily, once inside she would get inside something would take her interest and forget that Greg was looking for her. The fall of 2006 we got brave and got tickets to see the Wiggles at the Bryce Jordan Center in State College. The day after we purchased out tickets we read Greg’s letter on the internet stating that he was ill and needed to return to Australia for rest. We knew it had to be serious and prepared ourselves for the fact that we probably would not get to see him in Nov. The Wiggles had arranged for Andrea to have a backstage visit prior to the show so she could get comfortable and be able to arrive inside before it became crowded. It was a Hallmark moment for our family. Andrea was very frightened. The Wiggles were very sensitive to her fears. Murray came to her and knelt and gave her a big hug. Thanks to Murray that got Andrea over the empty space left by Greg’s departure. She then became a Murray fan. Our family has been huge Wiggles fan since forever and will always be a Greg fan. We continue to follow the Wiggles and probably always will. However, we miss Greg. Greg had a charisma with the children that has not been matched with new Wiggles. Thank you Greg for all you have done for children and especially our daughter, Andrea. She will be 21 in April of 2012 and that year she will graduate from high school. We just read that you are booking engagements. We always joked that we were going to book you for her big bash “21st birthday plus graduation”. Now that’s looking like a real possibility. WOW may be we get to meet Greg! Seriously that is something we would like to look into.
    Meanwhile, Greg our prayers continue for your recovery and happiness to you and your family. God’s blessings come to you from Hollidaysburg, PA in the USA.