Bernard Bear has arrived at Ty’s Toy Box!

If you’ve not yet met Bernard Bear, you’re in for a treat. But only if you love 3-D animation. And only if you enjoy slapstick comedy. And really, if you don’t love those things, I’m not sure we can be friends.

Bernard is a series of 3-minute shorts currently airing on BBC-2 in the U.K., but—enterprising technophile that you are—you can learn more on the official Bernard site, or find most of the episodes ready for viewing on YouTube. Like this one:

It’s sort of like Madagascar and Wallace and Gromit had a baby, isn’t it? I loved Bernard immediately. (As did my kids. But keep in mind—Bernard generally ends up flat on the ground, injured by his own bumbling incompetence. I wouldn’t call it overly violent, but neither would I consider it suitable viewing for very little kids, either.)

Once your family is suitably hooked (let’s see… the episodes are about 3 minutes long… so it should take about… hmmm… 6 minutes or so…), join us in welcoming Bernard and his pals to Ty’s Toy Box, in the brand new Bernard Store! There’s plenty of different options for the Bernard-lovers in your family, whether you favor Bernard himself or one of the other characters.

Personally, I have a soft spot for Zack the lizard. He’s smarmy and obnoxious and that’s just what I like in a cartoon character. Heh.

Welcome to Ty’s Toy Box, Bernard!

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