Yo Gabba Gabba has arrived at Ty’s Toy Box!

Yo Gabba Gabba Store is now open at Ty’s Toy Box! It’s your one-stop destination for everything Yo Gabba Gabba, including Dancey Dance Brobee, which is just about guaranteed to be more fun and less annoying than whatever this year’s tickle-me-Elmo does. (Yes. I said it.)

And check it out: In addition to the great Yo Gabba Gabba fun for kids available on the dedicated Nick Jr. site and the Official Yo Gabba Gabba Site, I’ve just discovered the Gabba Friends fan site (check out the baby dressed as Muno!) and Yo Blogga Blogga!, the Yo Gabba Gabba production blog. So there’s plenty of places to go when you need a little more DJ Lance and pals in your day.

Erm, I mean, when you’re being an excellent parent and selflessly finding the stuff your kids like. Naturally.

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