Coming soon: Bakugan and Ben 10 nirvana

Newsarama has announced that there will be more of it to love:

Del Rey Manga, an imprint of Ballantine Books at the Random House Publishing Group, in collaboration with Cartoon Network Enterprises, today announced a new manga publishing partnership that will launch with original manga based on two of Cartoon Network’s most successful series: Bakugan Battle Brawlers and Ben 10 Alien Force. This announcement marks the first partnership between Cartoon Network and the Random House Publishing Group’s manga imprint.

The books will start rolling out in December, with more to follow in 2009. My son is going to be delirious with glee. And, um, if he’s reading a book, then I can call it educational, right? Right.

Don’t forget to visit Ty’s Toy Box for all of your Ben 10 and Bakugan needs, in the meantime!

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2 thoughts on “Coming soon: Bakugan and Ben 10 nirvana

  1. What is really amazing it the fact that even before the official Bakugan books come out we are already see knock off products and knock off Bakugan book.

  2. Actually, the Bakugan TV anime series was released in conjunction with the game in order to instill cross-promotion. The strategy worked as the network anime show quickly spread from Canadian to US television on the Cartoon Network. It It was announced in September 2008 that a new season of 26 new episodes will be created and titled Bakugan: New Vestroia, and the new episodes are set to air in spring 2009.