Win Teddy Ruxpin from Ty’s!

Picture it, if you will: The year is 1985. A young teenager is slowly amassing her mall money via babysitting, and some of her clients are on the well-off side. And so within days of seeing a commercial for a teddy bear that actually talks, she arrives one night to sit for one of her regular charges and discovers none other than Teddy Ruxpin there—book at the ready—and she and her charge passed the evening utterly fascinated with the talking bear. It’s even possible that the babysitter continued playing after the kid went to bed, but you can’t prove that or anything. Ahem.

The thing is, back then, this was a technological marvel. And it was the first of its kind, too. We were all amazed by it. And if you check out Teddy’s Wikipedia page you’ll see that he’s had a long and varied life since his debut in 1985. But yes, he’s back, and just as popular as ever. He’s even got his own official site and everything, and even though there’s plenty of talking toys, nowadays, there’s still something special about a snuggly bear who can tell your kid a story, no? It’s not just a creative thinking adventure, it’s a pal who takes their hands and journeys along with them as they go.

To celebrate Teddy Ruxpin’s arrival at Ty’s Toy Box, we’re giving him away! More specifically, we’re giving two lucky Ty’s Toy Box Blog readers a Teddy Ruxpin plus The Airship story cartridge. Wouldn’t you your kids love that? Of course you they would!

To enter for a chance to win, leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. Eastern time on Saturday, October 4th, 2008. Two winners will be chosen at random and announced on Monday, October 6th, 2008. Only one entry per person, please, and make sure you leave a valid email address so that we can contact you if you win. As for what to leave in your comment… well, do you have any memories from Teddy’s debut back in the 80s? Don’t leave me here feeling all old and alone… share! (And good luck!)

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148 thoughts on “Win Teddy Ruxpin from Ty’s!

  1. In 1985, I was already 21, and thought Teddy Ruxpin was rather freaky! But my soon-to-be-four daughter would probably be pretty impressed by him (and if she’s not freaked out by Boobahs or Doodlebops, nothing will freak her out). :-)

  2. I loved Teddy R – but I loved the Mother Goose even more! My kids were fascinated and listened, rapt in their gorgeous innocence.

    I would love to win one for my nieces!

  3. I was actually in college when these were out so I missed all the excitement. It would be a shame if my 2 sons, aged 4 and 8 months were deprived as well. Thanks!

  4. Hey! I had a Teddy Ruxpin, too. My 3 and 6 yr olds would LOVE one. Pick me, Pick me!! *Hand waves energetically*

  5. In 1985 I was 13 – too old to really covet a Teddy R. for myself (allegedly), but not too old to wish I wasn’t too old.

    My 4-year old would love a Teddy R. though. So I hope you pick me – do it for the child(ren)!

  6. I remember my niece getting a Teddy Ruxpin for Christmas. She was so facinated with him! My granddaughter would love this one. I hope I am picked!

  7. 1985 I was 10 and probably acting WAY too cool to want a Teddy Ruxpin but secretly hoping Santa would know I wanted one. I think my 1 year old would love it now though and maybe I could “help” him with it.

  8. I bought a Teddy Ruxpin for my nephew when he was a toddler. He played with it for hours and hours. It seemed like everytime I saw him, he had Teddy Ruxpin telling a story.

  9. I remembering standing in front of the display when these first came out. I was so amazed that the bear really did talk. This would probably freak my 2 year old out completely – but my 4 year old would think this is just awesome.

  10. Just like Trish above, although I remember the TV commercials, I wasn’t at the right age for Teddy when he appeared. However, my three year old kiddo would love him!

  11. I was just telling my daughter not too long ago that we didn’t have Webkinz and Fur Real friends when I was young but we did however, have the awesome Teddy Ruxpin!

  12. I missed out on Teddy the first time around, but I was extremely jealous when my younger brother got one! I *may* have hidden him so I could play with it after he went to bed… I’m sure my daughter would love one now!

  13. My dughter would LOVE Teddy Ruxpin! She loves books and storytime and this would be great entertainment for her. Thanks for the chance to win him!

  14. Whenever he asked, “Can you and I be friends?” I wanted to shout, “Yes!” but my mom never caved. Maybe I could live vicariously through my children.

  15. I had almost an identical experience — I met Teddy while babysitting. Of course I didn’t play with him after the kids went to bed (but only because the little girl insisted I tuck him in to bed with her) :) My sons would love Teddy!

  16. My boys would love Teddy. I loved playing with my friends’ Teddy Rs when I was little…but sadly, my parents were never able to get one for me.

  17. Wow 1985 I was 7 and dealing with the nastiness of my parents divorce. I used to rely on Teddy Ruxpin alot as he was my best friend.

  18. My little sister had a Teddy Ruxpin. She always got the cool toys I always wanted….I’m still bitter about the Easy Bake Oven!

  19. I never got to have a Teddy Ruxpin. This would be great! And I guess I could share it with the kids too – but after bed it’s all MINE!