Some fun stops ’round the Web

It’s been a while since I pointed out some new sites online that my family is digging, so to start off the week I thought I’d share on a few that are definitely worth the visit.

If you haven’t been over to the PBS site recently, prepare to be impressed—while the PBS Kids site has gotten plenty of attention over the years, the main site was a bit in need of a face-lift, which it just got last week. Heading the list of my new favorite features is the Supersisters blog, written by three fabulous sister-bloggers who total eight children between them. Technically this one is for the parents, not the kids, but if ever you needed to know that other parents are struggling with the same issues your family faces, you’re going to want to bookmark this one.

If you’re looking for new sites to entertain the kids, I’ve got a couple of options for you. First is Cogno, which describes itself thusly:

Cogno® is a multimedia children’s brand that combines fun characters, stories and games to entertain and engage kids ages 7-13. They join the adventures of Cogno and, along the way, subtly absorb science, math and language concepts.

We recognize the “fun” bar for kids rises higher every year, and our award winning approach makes Cogno as fun as any brand on the market. Kids are drawn to Cogno’s world, and therefore toward thinking and imagination.

It’s no wonder people have referred to Cogno as “Star Wars meets the Magic School Bus!”

And second, happy birthday to the LEGO Miniman! He’s thirty years old now (can you believe it?), and to commemorate this auspicious event, you can now hop on over to Go Miniman Go for all of your LEGO Miniman movie needs. Check it out:

I do love a good LEGO movie.

(And—of course!—don’t forget that you can find the coolest LEGO sets over at All Aboard Toys.)

Are there other new sites your family has been enjoying lately? I’m always looking for cool new destination online—leave me a comment if you have a suggestion!

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One thought on “Some fun stops ’round the Web

  1. Thanks for mentioning our website! It just launched in June and our goal was to provide a fun place for kids to go to learn the science behind how the universe works. I’m glad your family is enjoying it!