Ben 10: Alien Force Bounty Hunters game on

Bounty Hunters game.

What, you think I’m kidding? Check this out and tell me what kid you know that doesn’t want a piece of this:

It’s not just that it’s the much-loved Ben 10, it’s that this is a massive multi-player game where kids can:

  • Test Your Skills Against Other Players!
    Choose an alien species and join your friends in real-time multiplayer battles. Play as teams or fight it out in a galactic free-for-all. Your actions can help decide the outcome of the war!
  • Battle on Distant Planets!
    Fire up your jetpack and fly around huge alien worlds. Use the terrain to your advantage and capture your opponents!
  • Unleash Alien Technology!
    Pick your favorite weapon and style of combat: power, speed, stealth, range. Discover awesome powerups that can turn the tide of battle!

Personally, I was eager to test it out before unleashing my son (and possibly not seeing him again until his teens), but it turns out that this highly-hyped game doesn’t run in either Safari or Firefox. Hmph. Well, it’s probably just as well. I enjoy seeing my kid occasionally, after all.

Word has it that eventually credits earned in the Bounty Hunters game will be redeemable on Cartoon Network’s Mini Match site, too. Not that I really understand the lure of Mini Match, given that I am far too old and crotchety to really “get” it. Oh well.

Now, you darn Bounty Hunters get out of my yard!

Don’t forget to visit the Ben 10 Store for all things Ben 10!

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