Get your kids ready for Beijing

I’m talking about gearing up to watch the Summer Olympics, of course, not about traveling to China with your children. My advice for far-away travel with children can best be summed up via two-pronged approach: 1) Just don’t do it, or 2) Benadryl. So, yeah, if you’re actually going to Beijing for the Olympics, have a wonderful time, but I have no suggestions on how to make that a smoother trip. Good luck!

But, if you—like most of us—are getting ready to spend some quality time with your kids and your television, starting tomorrow, that I can probably help you with. See, most children will react to the idea of watching sporting events on TV rather than cartoons or kids’ bands with a mixture of horror and confusion. Why would you want to do that, they would ask, if only they could articulate the question through their displeasure. But after years of experience, I’ve learned how to convince my children that watching the Olympics is just about the coolest. thing. ever.

My secret? I go for the sports that are just plain cool to watch, regardless of your age or favorites. When trying to cajole your kids into watching with you, ask yourself which events are most likely to pique their interest. Check out the complete list and you’ll find it’s pretty easy to decide. Swimming, for example, is something the kids do, but isn’t all that much fun to watch. Diving, on the other hand, is always fascinating, plus it has the advantage of having some very young contenders (which is always a draw for kids).

Need some more ways to get the kids psyched for the Olympic games? Here’s some online resources for kid-friendly fun:

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