Television without guilt — really!

Every now and then I come across another blog where I feel like I’ve met some kindred spirits. Usually it’s a place where someone confesses to letting their kids eat food they’ve dropped on the floor or something like that. (Uhhhh… not that I’ve ever done such a thing. Gross! But it makes me feel better about my own less-than-stellar parenting moments.)

Confession time: My favorite sort of mom-solidarity is when someone admits to letting her child watch [fill in the blank] television. (Fill in the blank with “too much” or “not exactly quality” or “totally annoying,” it’s up to you.) So you can understand where I immediately fell in love with the Smart Television Alliance Blog in general, and with this post about giving up the TV guilt trip, in particular. Why, I was hooked right from the description of author Debbie Bookstaber:

She grew up watching He-Man cartoons and still went to Yale.

Well, there you go. Actually, I grew up on an insane amount of television, and I more or less turned out okay, so I do have trouble seeing TV as the evil I’m apparently supposed to believe that it is. I’m all about balance, though, so I do love the suggestions in the article for how to best keep TV in its rightful place:

1. Find new ways to play.
2. Make TV viewing an active experience.
3. Pick the right programs.
4. Don’t use the TV as background noise.
5. Lighten up.

Do go read the whole thing for details, but the bottom line is that watching television can be a part of a well-rounded, guilt-free upbringing. Awesome.

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