Raggs has arrived at Ty’s Toy Box

Every now and then I get to fancy myself a matchmaker.

Oh, I wouldn’t necessarily hire me to find someone a spouse, but occasionally I’m able to put together people who are able to do fabulous work together.

This is why I’m totally planning to take credit for the fact that there’s a brand spanking new Raggs Store at Ty’s Toy Box. Because where did you first hear about Raggs? Why, right here, last February. I wrote about them, back then, purely out of personal intrigue.

And then I put their people in touch with my people. (Hey, I have people!) And now? Voila! Awesome Raggs stuff at the new Raggs Store!

I love it when a plan comes together like that.

And I’ve already told you about their fun music and their great TV show, true. What’s new since I last talked about these dynamic doggies is that they’re launching a live tour and now your little Raggs fan has the opportunity to see them in the flesh. Er, in the fur. (If you decide to see them live, don’t forget to pick out a favorite Raggs shirt before you go!)

How much fun could Raggs be in person? This much fun:

(If that didn’t cause your toes to tap a little, check to make sure you still have a pulse.)

Welcome to Ty’s Toy Box, Raggs! We give you two paws up!

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