More Ben 10 goodness: Alien Force movie

With the wild success of everything Ben 10, no one can possibly be surprised by this. Kids everywhere—small boys, in particular, and especially small boys who happen to live in my house—live for all things Ben Tennyson, including (but not limited to) extensive conversations about which aliens are best suited to kick the butts of which other aliens.

It’s a joy, to have a Ben 10 fan on your hands. Truly. I mean, after a while you’ll wish you had some earplugs, but still. It’s all good.

And so the news that a new Ben 10 movie event is in the works is great news for fans and moms alike (hey, they can’t talk about it while they’re watching it):

Cartoon Network is moving forward with a live-action/CGI telefilm based on its animated series “Ben 10: Alien Force.”

The movie — written by John Turman and directed by Alex Winter, best known for his role as Bill in the “Bill & Ted” movies — follows the November live-action movie “Ben 10: Race Against Time,” which Winter also directed. [...]

“Alien Force” will be based on the network’s second animated “Ben 10″ series, in which Ben is a teenager and has discovered the ability to transform into a new set of aliens. The show debuted in April as the network’s most-watched original series premiere among kids age 6 to 11.

I had foolishly believed that my son wouldn’t like Alien Force nearly as much as the original; after all, the original Ben is much closer to his age, setting him apart from other heroes because he’s really just a little kid. And while it’s true that Alien Force Ben is a teenager, he also gets new aliens, which apparently trumps the fact that he’s no longer a grade-schooler. I predict our household will be counting down to the new film with great anticipation.

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