Penguin “goes there” with Sir Fartsalot

Honestly, when Captain Underpants arrived on the scene, I assumed that now I’d seen it all. I’m a voracious bookworm and have been lucky enough to have kids who likewise love to read, but I understand that reluctant young readers sometimes need to be lured in, sure. I understand that young boys, in particular, can often be hooked with a bit of low-brow humor, yes.

But Sir Fartsalot??

Yes. Sir Fartsalot.

Notable not just for the name—or the fact that it’s aimed to mix medieval times with every modern boy’s favorite giggle-provoker (flatulence! so funny!)—Penguin decided to back an official webisode to drive kids towards their website.

Warning: Do not view the following if you are of weak constitution or no sense of humor.

Can I tell you a secret? I think the cartoon is hilarious. (Please don’t tell my son. It’s a struggle to keep him… ummmm… contained… as it is.)

Author Kevin Bolger clearly knows what will grab middle-school boys, and Penguin was likewise savvy in launching both the website and cartoon.

I guess you could say it’s a coup for both marketing and armpit-farting children everywhere.

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