Space Chimps opening this weekend

WALL-E, and the kids saw Kung Fu Panda without me (but loved it), and my husband and I had a great time at Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and my daughter and I are going to see the Kit Kittredge movie this weekend, I think.

All in all, we’ve had plenty of cinematic goodness since school let out, is my point.

And because I tend to be a fairly easy sell when it comes to animated films, I laughed right along with my kids when this trailer came up before WALL-E:

Looks like good, harmless fun, right? Well, although Space Chimps has a fully-featured destination website (complete with goodies for the kids), I went to consult my most trusted movie resource and found… nothing. Oh, The Tomatometer has it listed, sure, but as of Wednesday night it had… no rating. That doesn’t seem to bode particularly well for the movie’s popularity.

However, my inner twelve-year-old boy would like you to know that it’s monkeys! In space! Doing physical gags! And therefore it will probably be awesome. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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2 thoughts on “Space Chimps opening this weekend

  1. My son wants to see this movie also. He has seen Wall-E already so no competition there. They planned it right having this movie come out a couple of weeks after Wall-E.