Curious George on your TV, in your museum

Ask any kid (or adult, for that matter) what you need to know about everyone’s favorite monkey, and they’ll tell you two things: Curious George lives with the Man with the Yellow Hat, and he’s a good little monkey but always very curious.

(“Always very curious,” in case you’re wondering, means “gets into a lot of trouble but is cute enough to get away with it.”)

Anyway, the wild success of the PBS show came as a surprise to no one, and the series has been booked through Season 6, at this point, which means there will be new episodes through 2012 (if not beyond). That’s a whole lot of curiosity yet to come!

The thing that I think is positively brilliant, though, is that there’s now a traveling museum event based on George—and right now, it’s in Memphis, Tennessee:

The Childrens Museum of Memphis is hosting Curious George: Lets Get Curious! June 14 – September 28. [...]

Inside the Exhibit

Apartment Building: Move George on pulleys from window to window, climb the fire escape and go inside to play with color, light and shadow.

Sidewalk Produce Stand: Play customer or salesperson and explore shape, sorting, weighing and counting with fruit and vegetables.

Construction Site: Climb into the construction trailer, design a building, make use of building materials, and get to work constructing different structures.


Museum Within the Museum: Follow H.A. and Margaret Reys work, the escape from France to safety during World War II that saved the Curious George manuscript, and Curious George throughout the years.

I’m leaving out a bunch of details, but even based on that excerpt, aren’t you intrigued? I am! I can’t seem to find a master schedule anywhere, but I was able to find that after the summer in Memphis, the exhibit will head up to the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, New York.

Keep an eye out—maybe George will be coming to your hometown, much to the delight of your own curious monkeys.

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