Cathy and Marcy: more music for the kids

Looking for some new music for your kids? Of course you are, because the hallmark of Music Small Children Enjoy is that they want to listen to it over and over and over again. And no matter how much you enjoyed it the first 500 times, after a while you start wondering if maybe, just maybe there isn’t something else out there they might like…? Please?

Trust me; I know whereof I speak.

Anyway, I’m probably slow on the uptake with this one, but I’ve only recently discovered Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer, Grammy Award-winning musicians who’ve been rockin’ the guitar and banjo for many years. Their music covers folk, bluegrass, and even some jazz… and from what I’ve seen (heard), it should keep most of the family happy for at least the first 499 listens.

The reason I found them, though, is because they’ve just launched their Song Shop Video Podcast. What a handy little diversion that would be to have on your iPod, ready to whip out in a desperate moment in the doctor’s waiting room or somesuch, no? Word is that they’ll be putting up new ones every few weeks, and you’ll be able to subscribe in iTunes so that you don’t miss ‘em.

Want the lyrics and chords to go with the podcast? They’ve got you covered over on their blog. Just in case simply watching it over and over isn’t quite enough. But, really, I doubt you can resist a banjo and a purple guitar. And a roomful of people making barnyard noises. (Yes, really. Just go watch the video.)

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