The World of Eric Carle has arrived at Ty’s Toy Box

Both of my children hit that marvelous developmental milestone where they were finally ready to speak and—years apart—both uttered the same word as their first: The dog’s name.


My daughter exploded from there, it seemed, into a myriad of words and sentences almost overnight. She began talking constantly and has yet to stop. My son, on the other hand, was both of a different temperament and paired with an older sister who wouldn’t let him get a word in edgewise. His speech was much slower to develop, and so for a loooong time he was limited to just a handful of words.

He said the dog’s name. He said Mama and he said Dada and he said his own special code for his sister’s name. He said up and he said down and he said “muck” for milk and “kaka” for cracker. And he said “sillhungee.”

“Sillhungee” was toddlerese for “still hungry,” which translated as “It is time for you to read me The Very Hungry Caterpillar six or seven more times while I bounce with delight and shriek ‘SILLHUNGEE! SILLHUNGEE!’ every time the caterpillar is still hungry.”

So I guess it’s not much of a shock that we have some very fond memories of Eric Carle’s books ’round here, and I’m delighted that Ty’s Toy Box now has an entire store dedicated to the World of Eric Carle. You can still visit the official Eric Carle website for news and information, but now when you find yourself wondering where you can get those gorgeous images on a set of notecards or where to get some Eric Carle stuffed bugs and such, you’ll know where to go.

Welcome to Ty’s, Eric Carle critters! And I’m thinking you’re pretty happy to be here, because this ladybug doesn’t look too grouchy, to me….

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