Are you ready for Wall-E?

a safe video portal for kids that I would find myself on YouTube proper, searching for videos for my kids (without the benefit of a filter).

See, my children? They have a special microchip embedded in their brains. It sends an electronic pulse every time we’re about three days out from the opening of any highly-hyped movie, and that pulse demands that they begin pestering me. “When can we go see Wall-E?” one of them demands, while the other chimes in, “Can we visit the website? Can we find some clips to watch online?”

Those darn kids, what with their internet savvy and their pesky persistence.

We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to hit the theater, but just in case your kids are doing something similar, I’ve got you covered for the day. There are actually several cute distractions on the Official Wall-E site, plus you know I always like to check out the ratings on the Tomatometer before I plunk down the money for a movie. (The reviews thus far are very favorable, with my favorite soundbite thus far being the reviewer who calls Wall-E “A Kidconvenient Truth.”)

And if you need even more, check out the Wall-E vignettes on YouTube. Here’s my favorite:

I don’t know about you, but my family is going to the movies tomorrow!

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