Juno Baby has arrived at Ty’s Toy Box!

Have you met Juno and her friends? If your kids haven’t met them yet, prepare to be delighted—it’s not just puppets and music, it’s puppets operated by the folks who did Fraggle Rock, and it’s music performed by an actual orchestra. Plus, according to the site’s website:

All of the content of Juno Baby was based on a study published in the American Behavioral Scientist which suggests that programs where “characters speak directly to the child, actively elicit participation, label objects, and provide opportunities to respond, were positively related to expressive language production and vocabulary.” To ensure that our content was as strong as possible, we hired one of the researchers from that study as a script consultant for our Juno Baby series. With each DVD, we include language tracks in English, French, and Spanish. In addition, we include interactive features and language flash cards.

If that’s not a recipe for kiddie television without guilt, I don’t know what is.

So, the good news is that everyone here at Ty’s is absolutely tickled about our new Juno Baby Store, full of CDs and DVDs as well as adorable apparel, not to mention the squishable plush Juno herself.

The great news is that you hardly need to take our word for how great this series is; the kudos keep coming!

Mommies With Style said “The characters were bright and colorful, the animation was great, and the music was fabulous!”

Swanky Moms said:

This DVD is absolutely adorable — my boys love it! They watched it about 3 times the first day we received it! It is very cute, educational and has wonderful music! You can also play it in 2 other languages (Spanish and French) plus there are some interactive games and language flash cards on the DVD!

Don’t forget to bookmark the Juno Baby Blog, too—it’s authored by creator Dr. Belinda Takahashi and sovers all sorts of parenting issues. It looks to be a great resource for those with babies and toddlers.

And whether this is your first exposure to Juno or you’re already old friends, hopefully you’ll find everything you need right here at Ty’s.

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