Everyone’s favorite badger coming to Sprout

I think that PBS KIDS Sprout just became my favorite channel ever.

Oh, sure, I liked them before, but coming across the news that my very favorite books in the whole wide world are becoming an animated show soon debuting on Sprout just cemented it:

The long-awaited television debut of “Frances“, an imaginative new television series from The Jim Henson Company and HIT Entertainment, is almost here!

The all-new original series is set to make its world premiere on PBS KIDS Sprout this summer as part of the new “Summer Fun Fridays” programming block (running from June 20 through August 29, 2008). The first episode of “Frances” is set to debut on June 20, 2008 at 12:00pm (noon) – check with your cable/satellite provider for details.

The delightful preschool comedy series is based on the popular Russell Hoban books about a high-spirited badger named Frances. The show uses state-of-the-art digital puppetry and animation from the Henson Digital Puppetry Studio, an pioneering technology that allows performers to puppeteer and voice digital characters in real time. Each episode of “Frances” holds three delightful stories full of singing, dancing and discovery.

If you’ve never read a Frances book, get to your local library and check out A Birthday for Frances right now. Go! You’ll thank me later! Frances is one of the most genuine and lovable children’s story characters you could ever hope to meet, and the combination of the Hobans’ books and the magic of the Jim Henson Company (not to mention the golden touch of HIT Entertainment!) sounds like a can’t-miss combination, to me.

Me, I plan to celebrate the premiere with plenty of h-r-n-d and g-k-l-s, as I’m sure Frances would approve. (Go. Read. The. Book. All will become clear!)

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