Indiana Jones fun

the new Indiana Jones movie this past weekend. We opted not to take the kids, after all, because I would hate to sully my title as the Meanest Mother Ever. But my husband and I, we were ready for some good old-fashioned Indy mayhem. The reviews were mixed, but we headed out with high hopes.

Our verdict? If you grew up on Raiders of the Lost Ark, this is a great film to take you on a fun little stroll down memory lane. It’s not the greatest movie I’ve ever seen, but I found it eminently satisfying for what it was. I’m glad we went.

(Most of the reviews complaining about the film are saying that it’s too campy or too predictable, to which I merely say, “I’m sorry, but have you seen the other movies?” Of course it’s campy and predictable. That’s sort of the point.)

Anyway, whether you’ve seen the movie yet or not, here’s a few little Indiana Jones themed distractions for you to check out this morning:

May I also just point out that Harrison Ford is now 65 years old, and looking really, really good? I thought he was maybe 50. I’m off to buy myself a fedora, as I now suspect it’s the key to staying youthful….

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