If you’re Jonesing for some nostalgia

It’s so not fair.

Why is it that as women age, they lose their appeal, but when men start getting a little grayer and ruddier they generally just become more delicious? (Hey, I’m a mom, but I’m not dead.) As I was saying: Not fair.

I have no idea why that’s on my mind right now. Oh, why, helloooooo there, Harrison Ford! When Raiders of the Lost Ark burst onto the big screen I was not yet old enough to appreciate the excellent eye candy that Ford presents, but as the movies continued I began to see the appeal. And now—with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull opening this weekend—I must say that I think he’s still looking mighty fine. See for yourself:

If you, like me, grew up on Indiana Jones, you’re now looking at a childhood treasure come full circle. With this latest installment, it’s your chance to share the adventure with your kids, and to listen to them hoot and holler and roll your eyes when you tell them that you saw the first movie back in fifth grade when the big boxes of candy only cost $.75.

Checking The Tomatometer yields excellent news; it looks like the new movie will not disappoint. But PG-13? Hmmmm. I’ll have to do some thinking, as I’m not sure my kids are ready for that yet. Maybe I’ll have to go see it without them, even. (Hey, the Indiana Jones LEGO sets are all on sale. I could assuage my guilt with one of those.)

And then there would be no eye-rolling and and I could just enjoy Harrison Ford, erm, I mean, the movie, in peace.

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