Television advertising getting a Canoe

No, really.

You read that right. Not a canoe like you use to get across the lake, but a new kind of advertising capability, because heavens knows there was not enough advertising on television already:

Cable executives said on Monday they are weeks away from naming the first chief executive for a joint-industry interactive advertising platform project.

The platform would allow advertisers to automatically insert ads into video-on-demand shows and target consumers.

The cable industry has been working for the last nine months on a project to develop compatible standards for interactive advertising with any cable operator.

The first head for the project, code-named Canoe, will be named on June 1, said Comcast Corp Chief Operating Officer Steve Burke, speaking on a panel at the trade event The Cable Show in New Orleans.

Executives were bullish about the prospects for an advertising platform for themselves, their cable network affiliates and advertisers. They said the ability to automatically, or dynamically, place advertising spots as viewers watch video on-demand would add significant value for all parties.

“It’s about dynamic ad insertion. We know the advertisers want one easy way to do it,” said Landell Hobbs, chief operating officer at Time Warner Cable Inc.

I have to admit I haven’t used any sort of On-Demand programming in a long while, but there was a time when I loved the free offerings for kids expressly because it was ad-free. And now that’s going away? All hail the almighty marketing dollar, I guess.

But can I take just a little joy in it being called “Canoe,” at least? As in, up the creek without a paddle…?

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