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Ever since Ty’s Toy Box and All Aboard Toys announced their merger, I’ve been spending some time trying to familiarize myself with All Aboard. You know, so that I can contribute something more meaningful to discussions about them than, “Huh?”

No, seriously, the truth is that All Aboard carries over seventy different lines, and between then and Ty’s I feel like I’m always scrambling to stay up on latest. My new strategy when someone asks me if either store carries a certain thing is to just say yes, because chances are, they do! And I can always check, later. (Note to my superiors: Just kidding! I always check first!)

Anyway, it turns out that there’s one area at All Aboard where I feel completely comfortable, and that’s their Community area. They’ve got all kinds of goodies over there, including a blog!

Their latest entry not only contains a LEGO Indiana Jones Mine Car Chase Video (which my son made me replay several times for him, thank you very much), but an exclusive interview with the clip’s producer. How fun is that? I mean, how else would you get this sort of education:

AAT: How many of the “individual” pictures were taken?

Producer: “Each second of video consists of thirty separate pictures, adding up to over seven thousand pictures in the total running time of approximately four minutes.”

That’s good information to have, especially after you’ve watched the LEGO Indiana Jones movie for the third time and your son is insisting that his LEGO guys want to make a movie, too.

Anyway, go browse around over there when you have some time. Good stuff.

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