“If comic books and Project Runway had a baby…”

Project: Rooftop. You will want to love it and hug it and pet it and squeeze it and call it George. Just see if you don’t.

Finger’s credit goes to Pop Candy, where Whitney Matheson put it this way:

If comic books and Project Runway had a baby, it might be Project: Rooftop. The website specializes in redesigning superhero costumes, and the results are quite eye-catching. Check out these winners of a recent Iron Man contest, for instance.

Many of the designs come from professional artists, and judges provide funny, kinda nerdy and fashion-forward commentary. (Matt Fraction helped judge the last batch, which makes sense, since he writes Marvel’s Invincible Iron Man.)

I promise you that if you dig comics, this site will not disappoint. The illustrations are top-notch and the commentary from the writers is fascinating. I wouldn’t even consider myself a huge comics buff and spent more time than I will admit working my way back through the archives, last night. Good stuff.

It’d be particularly fun to share with your kids, too, if they’re into that sort of thing. Even if the commentary bores them (and it shouldn’t!), they’ll still love the drawings.

I wonder if Project Runway knows about this little lovechild…?

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