Chorion and Olivia are spreading out

Olivia would be coming to Nick Jr. in CGI form. At the time, there wasn’t much information to go on, but I was thrilled to hear that the project was underway.

Now, it appears that Chorion is moving forward, and they’ve made plans for a Fall debut on the U.K.’s Five network:

The UK deal further consolidates Chorion’s relationship with Five which already airs the producer’s hit kids shows THE MR MEN SHOW and MAKE WAY FOR NODDY. OLIVIA will broadcast as part of Five’s Milkshake! block. The 52 x 11 minute series for a pre-school audience is currently in production with delivery scheduled for fall 2008.

Based on the award-winning books written and illustrated by Ian Falconer, OLIVIA is a 3D CG series animated by the Academy Award-nominated company Brown Bag Films. Chorion’s Diana Manson is executive producing along with Pat Resnick who is also the head writer. Resnick is an acclaimed screen and television writer with credits including 9 TO 5, QUINTET, MAXIE, STRAIGHT TALK and the Golden Globe-nominated HELL ON HEELS — THE BATTLE OF MARY KAY.

This is exciting news for Olivia fans all over the world, but the best part of this article comes next:

Five’s Director of Children’s Programs Nick Wilson said, “Olivia is a great character! And I am very fond of her — she’s also 6 and three quarters which is one of the great ages! She’ll be Pig of the Year and a great addition to Milkshake.”

I’m all for enthusiasm, but if I didn’t know better, I’d think Wilson himself was only about 6 and three quarters years old. Heh.

Also, since when do they hold Pig of the Year? I mean, I hope Olivia wins, and all, but I wasn’t aware it was a contest. Based upon what I recently found in the bottom of my daughter’s closet, I think she might be in the running for Pig of the Year….

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