Get ready for Earth Day 2008!

Earth Day falls on April 22nd this year, and that means you have just enough time to really prepare. And if you have kids, this should be your very favorite holiday. I mean, it has everything to recommend it:

  • You are not required to purchase gifts,
  • It’s all about helping the environment,
  • It affords parents a great opportunity to explain why you need to turn out the lights in the room behind you when you’re done, please, for the love of all that’s holy, Mommy does not want to give her entire paycheck to the power company because you can’t be bothered.

(Okay, maybe that last one is just me….)

Of course, should you wish to gain favor amongst the kiddos in honor of this auspicious occasion, be sure to check out the Earth Day t-shirts and other specials at Ty’s Toy Box; shirt designs include options such as the one shown above, where Bob the Builder asks “Can we go green? Yes we can!”

Also check out the abundance of sites online for ideas, fun and games for you and the kids to share this Earth Day. Start with the’s kids’ page, which is a portal to lots of other great sites—our favorites are Energy Hog the EPA’s Environmental Kids Club. Take a look over at Kaboose’s Earth Day site for links to more great activities and ways to get into the Earth Day spirit, too.

However you choose to celebrate, remember that even when it’s not easy, the way has already been blazed for us.

(Yes, we should all learn from Kermit.) (Maybe not, but do you ever tire of that video? I don’t.)

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