Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus get two thumbs up

Kids’ Choice Awards on Nickelodeon, and they were notable because Hannah Montana‘s Miley Cyrus walked away with both favorite actress in a TV show and favorite female singer.

Or maybe it was because Harrison Ford got slimed. Personally, I think that was more interesting news, but then again, I’ve had a crush on Indiana Jones longer than Miley Cyrus has been alive….

(I cannot believe I just admitted that. Hi, I’m the Toy Box Mommy, and I am extremely old!)

Some were surprised that Cyrus didn’t take three awards, but Drake & Josh managed to edge out Hannah Montana for favorite show. Hey, she got two awards and she has two hands, so unless she was planning on juggling them, I think it worked out okay. (Also, judging by all of the products in the Hannah Montana Store here, I don’t really think she’s hurting for popularity. Just sayin’.)

My other favorite winner, of course, was the dubbing of Avatar: The Last Airbender as Favorite Cartoon. You know I love Avatar; where else can you get such an involved story embedded in fabulous animation along with humor and entertainment that works for almost all ages? Aside from the little orange Nickelodeon blimp statue thingie they get, I’m pleased that Avatar was recognized for the awesome show that it is. (But I am not going to say that too loudly, because there is a long history of cartoons I love being canceled. Let’s pretend I’m whispering.)

Congratulations to all of the winners, of course, and I would like to respectfully suggest that we work the sliming of guests into the next Academy Awards show, as well. It certainly livened things up a bit.

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4 thoughts on “Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus get two thumbs up

  1. Considering that when Miley won last year, she didn’t even appear – I’m glad she won and sung this year.

    But why is Drake and Josh still winning? There aren’t even NEW shows!

  2. she better get used to winning, because by the looks of it shes going to be winning a lot of stuff in the next few years. Music, tv, movies….its just gonna keep going.