Jeff Smith’s Bone goes to Warner

Scholastic. We’ve even visited Boneville, because once my kids are interested in something we have to learn it all. Immediately.

And so I’m sure you’ll understand when I tell you that I will not be telling my son (yet) that Bone may be headed to the big screen:

Warner has scooped up rights to Jeff Smith’s comicbook series “Bone” for Dan Lin to produce through his lot-based shingle.

Deal is a mid-six-figure option against seven figures for purchase. Property, described as Bugs Bunny meets “The Lord of the Rings,” likely will be developed as a CG toon for a broad family aud, but could turn into a live-action pic, depending on the director it eventually attracts.

Ummmmmm. Wait. A live-action picture? Do you see our protagonist, up there? Can you think of an actor who looks right for the part…?

So, needless to say, I’m hoping for a CG toon, myself. Live action would just be… weird. Or perhaps I should say, weirder. But done right, a big-screen version of Bone could be awesome. (Hey Warner—don’t screw it up!)

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