Speed Racer goes all modern on the big screen

Here ya go!)

So when I heard that they were making a Speed Racer movie, I was unmoved. Oh, look; another movie based on a retro cartoon. How novel.

And then we saw a trailer for the upcoming film. And my interest was… interested, a bit. And then I read that the movie will be shown in IMAX, and I became a bit more interested.

Yesterday, I came across two new trailers for the movie, and I watched them. And then I watched them again. You know, I’m not usually someone who gets all excited about special effects, but… well, take a look for yourself.

Tell me you watched that and don’t want to go see that movie in all of its IMAX, CGI glory. Go on. Try to tell me that with a straight face.

Go, Speed Racer, go indeed.

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