Come on an Easter egg hunt with Ty’s!

If you’re a busy mom like me, right about now is the time of year where you start saying things like, “Wait, what? It’s March already? How did that happen??” I mean, on the one hand—Spring is coming! Which is great! But on the other hand—there are so many things that need to get done, and February (even a February with an extra day) is just a tricky little month, winking past so quickly the way it does.

Hey, you know what would soothe the sting of a mile-long to-do list? A giant Miffy doll!

Hmmm… that probably sounds familiar. Didn’t we do this before? Well, yes and no. We have given away these cuddly plush 27″ Miffy dolls before, but this is a new way to get your hands on one.

Through March 17th, 2008, Ty’s Toy Box will be giving away a giant Miffy to one lucky shopper every single day. And entering is easy; do you see that Easter egg up top, there? It’s nice and bright and easy to spot. To enter to win a Miffy, all you need to do is spot the Easter egg somewhere at Ty’s.

The only catch is that it could be anywhere. It might be hiding in the Miffy Store. Or the Ben 10 Store. Or maybe the Charlie and Lola Store! Really, the possibilities are endless. (Um, okay. Not endless. But have you been over to Ty’s lately? There are a lot of stores there.)

So—find the egg, then click on it. You’ll be asked to confirm where you found it (they’re tricky, those eggs), and after you do so, you’re eligible to win that day’s Miffy doll. Somebody has to win each and every day, so why not you? And if you don’t win one day… well, keep entering! You can enter every day during the promotional period.

And if you have any concerns over what you might want to do with a giant Miffy doll, well, Kathryn (whose daughter won one in our prior promotion) has a few illustrated suggestions for you.

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