Taking a look at Toy Fair 2008

I haven’t said anything about Toy Fair yet this week, and it’s not because I don’t care—it’s mostly because I was grumpy that I don’t get to go. I mean, come on, don’t you think that Toy Fair should be considered required research for a Toy Box Mommy? I certainly do. But there’s that whole matter of living a thousand miles away and my kids needing me and all of that. Hmph.

(Yes, it’s true. Sometimes your mom just wants to run away and go play with toys. Don’t worry; it’s just a fantasy.)

Anyway, yesterday I finally sat down to look over some of the coverage online. As usual, the buzz is coming along fast and furious, but I like to look at just a few trusted sources to get an overall feel for what happened this week in New York City. If you want the scoop, well, select from the following choices:

Want just the facts, ma’am? Msnbc has a slideshow of projected hot toys for 2008. It starts out with the most terrifying Elmo yet (his mouth is hanging open and he appears to be either dancing or writhing in agony) and goes from there. I felt better once I got to “Taters of the Lost Ark” (the Indiana Jones-themed Mr. Potato Head), though.

Want the TDmonthly perspective? They’ve been covering everything Toy Fair in a special section that includes daily exhibitor and retailer tips. That would’ve been more useful while the show was still going on, I guess, but they have some nice photos from the show floor, as well as some commentary.

And finally—you know how I like to save the best for last—friend of Ty’s Toy Box Chris Byrne, a.k.a. The Toy Guy, has been doing some awesome Toy Fair coverage on his blog. The jewel-encrusted Hot Wheels car pictured above was auctioned off for charity, he reported as part of a Mattel recap. In the Hasbro recap we learn of an upcoming wiimote-based Nerf blaster for use with the Nintendo wii (awesome). The Jakks Pacific post has news from Nickelodeon Slime to Hannah Montana—clearly, all the based were covered!

I do love checking out all the new toys, even if I didn’t get to go see them on the showroom floor….

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