A sneak peek of the Wild Things?

I feel about the impending movie. Trepidation doesn’t really even begin to cover it. After watching that clip? I think I upgraded to actual dread.

So I clicked around to read some more about it. Ain’t It Cool News suggests that the clip is indeed real, but should be considered unlikely to appear in the final product:

Now, I’ve seen this film. Or rather, I saw a version of it. And I can tell you that there’s a reason this film isn’t coming out in 2008 anymore. There’s a lot of work left to do on it, and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear about some fairly massive reshoots in the months ahead.

So… ummmm… that and a buck will get you a cup of coffee. And a nightmare or two (more) about the movie….

[Hat tip: Pop Candy]

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One thought on “A sneak peek of the Wild Things?

  1. The less CGI the better!!!!

    I loved “Labyrinth” and the early “Star Wars” because their creative use of visuals & muppetry made me think “how’d they do that? Is it possible….?” Where as with CGI I immediately think “Oh, that’s CGI” — which, in my humble opinion– takes all the wonder and curiosity out of it.

    If that’s the design? I love the kids costume and how curious/slightly destructive the kid seems– my 8 year old campers were like that when they were in their comfort zone, when they were challenged, they were a lot more aggressive.

    I’m psyched– as long as it isn’t a cop out like Burton’s Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.