Happy Valentine’s Day!

When I was young and single, Valentine’s Day was filled with angst over which boy I was involved with or not involved with or wishing I was involved with or just plain pretending I didn’t care about that stupid meaningless holiday, anyway. Once I was married, then it was a whole new level of what to do; do we make a big deal out of it? Do we forget about it because we’re married? What if I get him something and he doesn’t do anything for me? And so on.

But since having kids, I’m finally free to love Valentine’s Day with a reckless abandon. There’s nothing quite like watching a child’s joy over something as simple as a heart-shaped doily plastered with glitter.

(And the candy they bring home from school isn’t so bad, either.)

Nowadays, I’m all about the kids enjoying the day. If they’re having fun, it’s a lot easier to sneak the chocolate out of their goody bags.

We’re having pink pancakes for breakfast. Just to start the day off right.

Need some pointers to get you in the mood? I’ve got you covered. (Actually, I also appear to have more than enough pancakes. Come on over! It’s BYOS, though.) (Bring Your Own Syrup.)

PBS Kids has an entire Valentine’s Day section of fun. So does Family Fun, of course. (You can even ask the pigeon to deliver a card for you. Just don’t let him drive the bus!) Need a last-minute gift? How about a coupon book, either for your child or for a child to give to a parent? Oh, and there’s more cute Valentine’s ecards over here.

Whatever you end up doing with your kids today, it goes without saying that it’s a good time to tell them how much you love them.

Sometimes, when you do that, they offer up their candy and you don’t even have to sneak it later.

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One thought on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Dear Ty’s Toy Box.

    Your shows are fantastic. I try to watch them everyday on KOPB Portland Oregon, Pbs Kids Sprout, and Playhouse Disney. Hope you’re doing well.