Put your paws together for Raggs

Just when you think there can’t possibly be anything new in the world of kids’ music that hasn’t already been done to death, something else comes along that makes you say, “Well. I never thought of that.”

And the Raggs Kids Club Band is hardly new, you understand—they’ve been playing live concerts to throngs of delighted canine-fans (that is, fans of canines, not canines themselves) (I don’t think, anyway) since 2002. But for those of us here in the U.S., the Raggs television show has just expanded to many more PBS affiliates this year. This means you don’t have to hit a concert venue for your kids to fall in love with this pack of pooches.

And had it occurred to me that a kids’ band in the form of technicolor dogs was a good idea? No, it hadn’t. Possibly this is why I am not in charge of these things. Nevertheless, someone brighter than me (creator Toni Steedman, in fact) knew that kids wouldn’t be able to resist the upbeat music presented by these distinctly-personalitied dogs.

You can meet the whole band here, but I recommend against a beverage while you peruse the list. The gang is predictably anthropomorphized, of course, but there are still nuggets like this:

Raggs is an enthusiastic tail chaser, a passionate flea scratcher and a compulsive sniffer.

(That’s such a coincidence, because I know a few passionate flea scratchers, myself.)

If your kids are already fans—or you think they’ll become fans—be sure to check out the online activities, plus I happen to know of a giveaway contest where you could win a Raggs CD or DVD. (And by “happen to know of” I of course mean “I am hosting.” Full disclosure and all of that.)

So check ‘em out. I guarantee they’ll keep your kid too busy bopping to argue or make a mess… at least for a few minutes!

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