Scholastic helps kids act green

Once again, Scholastic comes through with a great website for kids that will get them thinking. ACT GREEN! is the newest destination for families looking for ways to get inspired about environmentally responsible behavior.

Here’s what I received as part of a press release about the site:

Developed in consultation with an environmental scientist from the University of California at Berkeley, ACT GREEN! provides kids, parents and teachers with free actionable information that will help them preserve the environment. When kids enter the site, they are first directed to the Green Quiz, to test how environmentally conscious they are. Upon completing the quiz, kids receive a customized Green Plan and are automatically entered into the Greenerator, where they can activate their Green Plan and turn it into reality. As kids check off the green actions they have accomplished, they earn green points that power up the Greenerator. They can also earn green points throughout the site by selecting action items from the “100 Ways to Act Green!” list, reading articles, sending e-cards and more. Kids will enjoy tracking their own green points, as well as the overall power of the Greenerator, generated by all ACT GREEN! members.

Here’s what I suggest, as a parent: Start by checking out the section for parents—it’ll give you an overview of everything available to your kids on the site. Although the Greenerator is definitely the biggest draw (not only because your kids can work towards goals, but because they can get a sense of how many other kids around the world are doing it, too), it’s not the only feature by a long shot.

The Live Earth video clips are informative as well as chuckle-worthy. (I think the one about light bulbs is my favorite. “Most stores have signs at the ends of the aisles. Look for the one that says, ‘light bulbs.’”)

The Green Tools section has great downloadables, including tags you can put on your household objects either to mark them as being green or to remind folks to unplug them. What kid doesn’t love labeling everything?

There’s plenty more, but I’ll let you explore it for yourself. Personally, I think this sort of thing is way better than the two hundred and fifty-seventh game of Cash Cow on Webkinz, but be forewarned that your child may become concerned about saving the world after spending time on the ACT GREEN! site. That could be— well… wait a minute.

That could be pretty awesome, actually.

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