Honoring movies… with produce

[Hey, it's hard to follow up the Martin Luther King, Jr. post, okay? It's not like I could possibly come up with anything nearly as important, so I'm afraid that produce-themed awards are all I have for you right now.]

Regular readers know that whenever I’m considering seeing a movie, my first move is always to go consult Rotten Tomatoes. Not only do they aggregate available reviews in the most entertaining way possible (why comb through dozens of reviews when you can read the funniest lines all on one page?), they provide the Tomatometer reading for every movie, giving you a quick visual on how positive or negative feedback has been, overall. (The Tomatometer is based on a 100% scale, too, which I find much more useful than a 5-star system. But I’m sort of a geek that way.)

Anyway, it’s time once again for the Golden Tomato awards; the 9th Annual Golden Tomato Awards, to be precise. With the Golden Globes having been sort of a letdown and the Academy Awards looking to be not much better (the WGA strike is really cutting into my entertainment, sheesh), I can take some small comfort in the Golden Tomatoes, perhaps. Although I always love the Golden Tomatoes because they’re based upon the best-reviewed films rather than on what people say we “should” like. The Golden Tomato winners are, quite simply, films that were universally well-received.

Ratatouille took first place for Animation, which comes as a surprise to absolutely no one.

If you need some giggles, also check out the recipients of the Moldy Tomato honor, as well. No animation appears in that category, though.

Although the Golden and Moldy Tomatoes are my favorite, I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention the 28th Annual Razzies, as well. Apparently awful films deserve raspberries in addition to moldy tomatoes. I don’t know why. But I do know that—as a mom who has never understood the Bratz craze—I felt a smug little self-satisfied bit of glee to see that the Bratz movie garnered five separate nominations. Heh.

If I ever start some movie awards, I’m thinking of naming them after avocados. Just because.

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One thought on “Honoring movies… with produce

  1. I think Bratz are a bit, how shall I say, “trashy,” too. So I can’t help but wonder why so many parents buy them for their kids? Path of least resistence? Maybe I’m just getting old…