Everything’s comin’ up Blu-ray

I crack jokes all the time about what a Luddite I am, which is sort of humorous considering that I spend the better part of my life parked in front of my laptop. When I’m away from my computer for too long, I can be found hiding in a corner, furtively checking my email on my cell phone.

But I’m not a technophile; I’m a connectophile, perhaps, with my chosen technologies being those which are a means to an end—an end that involves staying connected with other people, not necessarily having the latest and the greatest whatever.

All of this preamble is to say: I don’t know from Blu-ray. I mean, I know it’s a DVD format. I know it’s new and exciting, and that there’s some war going on between Blu-ray and HD-DVD similar to the long ago Betamax vs. VHS thing. But I have no opinion, myself, as this is simply not my bag. I don’t even have one of those new-fangled flat televisions. (Though I’d love one. Can you imagine Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends on a great big screen like that? Awesome.)

What I do know is that this is a hot topic amongst people who care, and for people who care about that and animation, some recent news is worth noting.

First, Warner Brothers has decided to go exclusively Blu-ray:

This is a huge development in the Blu-ray versus HD-DVD format war currently raging on because Warner Bros was always considered the big fish to be landed by one side or the other, Now the studio, which had been producing its high-def DVD titles in both formats, will start releasing in Blu-ray exclusively later this year. The decision was made in response to strong consumer preference for the Blu-Ray format, according to WB’s announcement.

Second, Disney is hopping on the Blu-ray bandwagon as well:

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment (WDSHE) announces an exciting new line-up of Blu-ray initiatives in 2008, an ever-expanding Blu-ray slate and new technological- advancements in bonus feature materials, all which guarantee a superior high-definition home entertainment experience.

“This is an exciting time for Disney as we not only announce the release of our first Platinum Disney animated classic on Blu-ray with Sleeping Beauty, but also allow consumers to create an entirely new home entertainment experience with stunning new bonus features and amazing interactive capabilities like never before seen,” stated Bob Chapek, President of Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.

What does this mean? Well, it means that just getting rid of my VHS tapes this year was not enough to make me look like I’m actually current on technology. You darn kids today, with your Blu-ray! When I was young, we had VHS, and we liked it!

Now, get out of my yard! Hmph.

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