New Pokémon game to be the death of me

My son just had a birthday. I know, that’s so lucky, because it’s not like we just did a bunch of celebrating and had presents or anything.

Oh, wait….

Anyway, my son is still deeply in love with all things Pokémon. He thinks Pokémon thoughts and plays Pokémon games and tells me to call him Ash and insists that his stuffed Pikachu is real and threatens to stuff his sister into a Pokeball until she can behave.

It was really endearing. For the first two years. Now I am sort of beginning to wonder when this particular obsession starts to die down a little bit.

Anyway, my parents asked what my son would like for his birthday, and I said, “Socks. He loves socks! They are nice and soft and quiet and boring. Plus, they come in either black or white. Perfect!” Well, no. That’s what I wish I had said. Instead, because I am the world’s greatest mother (stop laughing), I said, “Well, he’s still really into Pokémon. You might want to look and see if there are any new games. Or even just a pack of cards would probably thrill him.”

Guess what came in the mail? That’s right! The new Pokémon Champion Island game! It’s a board game! It’s a DVD game! It’s a board game that you play along with a DVD, and it’s very! exciting!

Even my daughter was excited.

I have to admit, it’s pretty cool. It takes the whole board game thing to another level and it’s fun to play more than just once (which many games nowadays are not), which is a good thing because my son wants to play it all the time.

Would he like to play with some of his Christmas presents? No, he would like to play Pokémon Champion Island. Would he like to have a nice snack? Maybe some candy? No, he would like to play Pokémon Champion Island. How about a pony? Would he like me to buy him a pretty pony? No, he wants to play Pokémon Champion Island again and Mama, please, Mama, come play with us one more time, please?

School doesn’t start again here until tomorrow. So, um, if you need me before then? I’ll be having my butt handed to me in Pokémon Champion Island….

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