All that was missing was his two front teeth

Happy day-after-Christmas! I hope that if your family celebrated the holiday, you had a good one. My children went positively out of their minds with the overwhelming glee of a day spent wearing matching pajamas and playing with new toys.

We tried to get my son to tell anyone who asked, this year, to respond that all he wanted for Christmas was his two front teeth (they are still MIA). He—being rather a bit too literal for his own good—was game enough to play along, but not to lie. So if you asked, he would tell you “Well, I would really like my two front teeth, but I am also hoping to get maybe some other things, like maybe some Legos or a video game or something!”

That kid just doesn’t understand the importance of holding back a little bit for comedic effect.

I had the opportunity to play with a wii for the very first time (not ours) this week, and I finally understand what all the fuss is about. (It’s true, it’s a lot of fun.) But I’m still (grudgingly) glad that we don’t have one at home. Maybe I’m just an old curmudgeon (ya think?), but I always prefer to watch my kids using their imaginations with a toy rather than just plugging into a video game. Even a really, really, really cool video game.

My son’s non-teeth wishes were granted, and he busied himself building things and vrooming some vehicles around. My daughter is reaching the age where she’ll soon have outgrown dolls altogether, but this year, Santa brought her a special new doll and she was thrilled. Oh sure, later on in the day she was back to being a normal kid (translation: whining about something), but for a few magical hours, all really was calm and bright.

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