It probably won’t be a silent afternoon

For those of you parents celebrating Christmas tomorrow, if your life is anything like mine, the notion of a silent night is sounding pretty good right about now. But today… well, you’re probably having a crazy day, whether it’s last-minute planning or kids all excited or whatever.

Take a moment. Breeeeeeeeeathe. Doesn’t that feel better?


Hey, I tried.

While you count down to the big day, here are a few distractions my family has enjoyed. I share them because I care. And also because I need to go finish baking cookies. Details.

My favorite Christmas performance this season, bar none:

(Watch it even if you’re Jewish. I promise it’s worth it.)

If you haven’t done this already, there’s still time to go elf yourself!

And don’t forget that tonight you can gather round ye olde laptop and track Santa’s progress. My kids still look forward to this one every year.

Merry Christmas from everyone here at Ty’s Toy Box! I would give each of you a cookie, if I could. Truly. (And then I’d tell you to go clean your room or Santa isn’t coming. My kids are so lucky to have me!)

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