Noggin’s ready to ring in the new year

Ever since last summer when it was announced that Noggin and The N would be splitting up at the end of this year, folks have been waiting to see how the two networks will change up their programming to fill the new slots.

Because, after all, they’ll each have twelve more hours—twice as much time—to fill.

Well, wonder no more! The new plans have been announced, and it will all kick off on New Year’s Eve:

To kick off the split, Noggin and the N will each air marathons on New Year’s Eve. Noggin will air a primetime movie marathon from 6-11 p.m. Dec. 31, featuring the premiere of “Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure” as well as “Dora Saves the Mermaids,” “Save the Wonder Pets!” and “Great Jaguar Rescue.”

I can think of little that would make most small children happier than getting to stay up on New Year’s Eve and watch the Wonder Pets. Who needs Dick Clark when you have Turtle Tuck?

There’s new goodies headed to Noggin in the new year, too:

Among the offerings from the preschooler-targeted Noggin, which becomes a stand-alone network at 6 p.m. ET Dec. 31, is “Pinky Dinky Doo,” which has been greenlighted for a 26-episode second season. Based on the book series by Jim Jinkins, “Pinky” is Noggin’s first original animated series dedicated to enhancing early literacy.

The channel also is set to premiere the 26-episode animated preschool series “Toot & Puddle,” based on the books by Holly Hobbie, in fall 2008.

(Get a sneak peak at Pinky Dinky Doo here if you want to learn more.)

I’m actually more excited about Toot & Puddle than is probably normal, but we’ve been fans of the books for a long time. I think a series would be awesome. (And not just because they’re written by Holly Hobbie. Yes, that Holly Hobbie. I wonder how weird it must be to have an iconic cartoon character sharing your name? So weird it causes you to go write stories about two pigs who are best friends, apparently.)

Anyway, I don’t think Noggin is going to have any trouble filling up that extra time. And if you find yourself at a boring party on New Year’s Eve, you can always flip it on for some old favorites!

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