A classic love story becomes an animated game

I have been a huge fan of The Princess Bride ever since I saw it for the first time as a teenager. (Yes, I’m old. Hush.) It’s still one of my very favorite movies, and if you’ve never read the William Goldman book on which it is based, you really should.

[In the movie, you get the occasional cutaway scene with the kid and his grandfather, which is amusing, sure; but in the book you get interjecting passages like "What followed next can only be described as an 87-page-long list of packing supplies. He skipped that part when he was reading to me, because the description of all the skirts and shoes and stuff was just boring."]

Anyway, it turns out that someone got the bright idea to make The Princess Bride into a computer game. It looks like it will stay pretty true to the story—check out the trailer:

The Princess Bride Downloadable Game Trailer from PrincessBrideGame on Vimeo.

Part of me wants to be horrified, in the defense of an untouchable classic.

But most of me can’t wait to see how it looks. It’s not available yet (and doesn’t say when it will be available, other than “Spring ’08″), but you can pre-order it for a discount, if you’re willing to gamble on it being worthwhile.

(It’s possible I’d be willing to pay $16.99 to hear a little cartoon Vizzini saying “inconceivable!” on my computer.)

[Hat tip: Pop Candy]

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