Ty’s get Toyrrific, and other big doings

Notice anything different over at Ty’s? After unveiling the originally-named Treasure Hunt feature and then asking for your suggestions for a better name, you rose to the challenge. We got lots of great suggestions, but ultimately the winning name was Ty’s Toyrrific Deal of the Day, which was submitted by Crisanne.

As promised, in return for being brilliant, Crisanne was invited to select any DVD at Ty’s to receive in thanks for her suggestion. She opted to receive Charlie and Lola: How Many More Minutes Until Christmas? as her prize. I predict there are going to be happy small people in Crisanne’s house very soon. Just a hunch of mine.

So. That was exciting! I do love a good contest, and I especially love reader participation. And I don’t know if you’ve perhaps noticed, but there’s kind of a big shopping season right around the corner, here…? I’m sure you hadn’t noticed. Ahem.

Anyway, here’s the thing: We’d like to get into the swing of things, here at Ty’s, and we’re digging the warm fuzzies we got from having y’all involved. And I most certainly did not do a little victory dance here in my office while proclaiming “I told you, we need to have more contests!” or anything like that. Of course not. But, well, it’s possible that I suggested we give some more stuff away. And so… it’s possible that we’ll be giving away more goodies, so you should probably keep an eye here on the blog, is all I’m sayin’.

Also, tomorrow I’ll be announcing both Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals we’ll be having, so that you can plan accordingly. You know that I’m not getting up in the pre-dawn hours to go fight the mall crowds—the very thought makes my eye twitch—but this is largely because I know how to grab a great bargain from the comfort of my own home. While still in my pajamas. And now you can, too. Just stay tuned for the details, tomorrow!

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