So-so name, great deal… and your chance to win

In the couple of years since I first starting serving here at Ty’s Toy Box as your intrepid Toy Box Mommy, the powers that be have asked me several times what moms want out the kinds of retailers who offer the toys and licensed goods that our kids want.

“More deals,” I always answer. “We want it cheaper. How about free? Free would be good.”

“Mmmmm,” they usually respond. And then they stop asking me. I have no idea why. I mean, I think free is a totally viable retail strategy. Which is possibly why I am a blogger and not a CEO. Details.

But guess what. Go on, guess! They finally did it! Well, not free, but darn close to it. Ty’s has decided to regularly feature one unbelievably low-priced item every single day. Each and every day you’ll have the chance to grab one fabulous item for a ridiculously low price, which is pretty much my idea of bargain nirvana, right there.

To find it, just go to the Ty’s Toy Box home page and look for the above Treasure Hunt picture in the right-hand column, there. Click on the graphic to see the featured rock-bottom item of the day.

There’s just one teensy, itty-bitty little problem. It’s hardly even a problem, really. But… well, right now they’re calling it “Ty’s Treasure Hunt.” And while we all sort of agree that that’s pretty lame, another—cooler, hipper, enticing—name is not yet forthcoming. We may have used up all our coolness just getting this deal in place. And that’s where you come in.

Now through 11:59 pm on Friday, November 16th, 2007, you are invited to leave a comment on this post suggesting a better name for this one-discount-a-day feature here at Ty’s. The winning suggestion will be turned into the new feature title, and the brilliant person who suggested it will be gifted with her choice of any single DVD carried at Ty’s Toy Box.

You have nothing to lose, and possible a free DVD to gain. So put on your thinking cap and start those creative juices flowing. Hit us with your ideas. Go!

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35 thoughts on “So-so name, great deal… and your chance to win

  1. I guess you are going to keep the Treasure box graphic?? If so then maybe..

    Ty’s Terrific Treasure

    If you are going with a new slogan and will then add a new button then how about this.

    Toy Box Exclusive!
    (The graphic can be holiday themed or seasonal themes. A big wrapped present with big bow)

  2. Ty’s Daily Discovery

    Ty’s Daring Deal

    Ty’s Sweet Deal

    Ty’s Fab Find

    and, my personal favorite (for its kidiliciousness):

    Ty’s Bestest Bargain

  3. My suggestions:

    Ty’s Daily Deal
    Ty’s Daily Steal
    Hello – Good Buy!
    Ty’s Deal a Day
    Ty’s Bargain Booty

  4. With the treasure chest graphic:

    Today’s Toy Booty

    The Bargain Booty of the Day

    Daily Bargain Bounty

    With another graphic:

    Stop the Madness! Deal of the Day

  5. Using a different graphic:
    Ty’s Toy Teaser
    Grab it!
    Swipe this!
    Markdown Mayhem
    Today’s Toy at Ty’s

    If using the same graphic:
    The Pirate’s Pick
    Toy Treasure Trove
    Polly want a bargain?

    I’ve got a sad addiction to alliteration. If I keep going I’ll end up using palindromes, too…

  6. Today’s Toy Box Treasure

    Ty’s Secret Toy Box

    Ty’s Best-Kept Secret

    What’s the Big Deal?

    Ahoy, Matey! Big Deals Ahead!

    Treasure Chest of Booty

  7. First-I have purposefully NOT read the other entries so forgive me if this is a repeat.

    My idea, dorky as it may be:

    Ty’s Toyrrific Deal

  8. Ty’s Real Deal

    Ty’s Gold Box

    Today’s Top Treasure


    Today’s Toy Grab

    Click here for the best deal ever

    Ty’s Super Toy

    Ty’s Big Box Deal

  9. actually, something like Ty’s Deal of the Day, or Bargain of the Day, or Steal of the Day would draw me in more than anything else. cater to my inner bargain hunter.

  10. Because I’ve never been concise in my life:

    “Ty’s Mom-I-NEED-This! Deal of the Day”

  11. Today’s Ty Treasure
    I’d love some play with “X marks the spot”, but that’s way too long; stress “bargain” and “daily” and that would get my attention!

  12. I was trying to think of what would attract me and what would make me realize that a good deal rested in the treasure chest: (feel free to put Ty’s before any of these)

    Buried Treasure
    Unburied Treasure
    Gold Deals

    If you choose to go with a different graphic, I’d say something like this:

    Ty’s Toy Attic
    Ty’s Toy Basement

    Something along those lines. Have a great day!!