Naruto and Car Talk news

a while back I let you know that Ty’s Toy Box had partnered with VIZ to create the Naruto Store. That was (still is, I guess) exciting news, but recently things in Naruto-land got even better: VIZ launched a complete redesign of their Naruto site. Now you can go get all the information you want about the show, shop for goodies, and play games. It’s a one-stop location for all things Naruto, and they’ve done a great job of making the site fun, accessible, and chock-full of everything fans will want. Check it out.

Second—Car Talk! Remember when I told you that Click and Clack are going animated? The project is moving along, and in true Click and Clack style, they’re not leaving their fans out of it. They’re now running the Name Our Lousy TV Show contest. The winner gets bragging rights and a cameo on the cartoon. Put on your thinking cap and get over there for a shot at a few animated seconds of fame, folks.

So there you have it. Naruto and Car Talk, two great tastes that taste great together. Or something.

I think I need more coffee.

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