Bee Movie touting health and environment

big plans beyond hitting the big screen.

First, apparently the union of Shrek and McDonald’s Happy Meals (remember that?) went so well, the happy hawking of apple slices and milk along with your chicken nuggets will continue along with promotion of Bee Movie:

“The ‘Bee Movie’ promotion at McDonald’s delivers great quality food choices, fun toys and a meaningful way for kids and families to learn about and positively impact the environment,” said Neil Golden, vice president, U.S. Marketing, McDonald’s.


“DreamWorks and McDonald’s have clearly demonstrated our commitment to making a difference,” said Jeffrey Katzenberg, chief executive officer, DreamWorks Animation. “Our partnership is just one example of how entertainment properties can inspire and motivate kids and families to get involved in important topics like the environment and their own well-being.”

An, the environment. It’s really the new black, you know, being interested in this world we live in. (Okay, I’m not knocking eco-friendliness at all, it just cracks me up how it’s so en vogue nowadays to get on this particular bandwagon. Whatever works, I guess.) And apparently McDonald’s has been doing good works behind the deep fryers for a while now:

McDonald’s and Conservation International have worked together on environment issues since 1990, collaborating on multiple short-term and long-range projects with both local and global impact.

Under the expert guidance of Conservation International, McDonald’s has successfully developed a global sustainable supply chain vision and specific adjoining guidelines that have contributed to continuous improvement in environmental performance throughout the McDonald’s supply chain. Most recently, McDonald’s is supporting their efforts to preserve precious bee habitats in Mexico and South Africa.

“As our first corporate partner, McDonald’s has demonstrated ongoing environmental commitment and leadership by improving their own business practices, talking to their customers about the environment and supporting conservation efforts directly in the field,” said Peter Seligmann, chief executive officer and chairman, Conservation International. “We’re so pleased to extend our long-term relationship with McDonald’s in this important effort to protect vital bee habitats and inform children about the small things they can do to make a big difference for our planet.”

That’s almost enough to make me want a Bee-themed Happy Meal, right there.

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